WAKURA, that enjoys transformation for generations...

Catch the "instantaneous" of the ingredients, the heart dances to the taste, the appetizing sound, the fragrant scent, the flamboyant flambé, and the brilliant knife handling. That is the real pleasure of “teppanyaki” enjoyed by all five senses.

In various scenes from entertainment to private, important anniversary,
You can eat while relaxing. (Table seats are also available.)

The presentation of seasonal ingredients from Oita Prefecture combines the essence of Japanese with chopsticks.
A dish created on the stage in front of you.

A space that is both modern and classic is cozy,
Gives peace of mind as if wrapped.

The timber warehouse of the Taisho era has survived beyond generations, evolved and accepted, and is still alive.

What's New


Teppanyaki steak is a dish that cheerful people eat.
From the corner of a multi-tenant building to the top floor of a luxury hotel, There are many teppanyaki steaks in the warehouse,

It is said that "teppanyaki", which has a blessed view, is rare.


Hamburger Steak Lunch
3,000 yen
This is a 100% Wagyu beef hamburger that uses cuts from selected beef and selected beef.
Simply served with rock salt. Please enjoy the original taste of meat.
[Appetizer, soup, salad, hamburger steak, rice, miso-soup, coffee, dessert]
"Akane" course... A course of seafood and top-selected beef fillet
  • upper choice beef fillet 80g・・・7,800 yen
  • upper choice beef fillet 100g・・・9,200 yen
  • upper choice beef fillet 150g・・・11,500 yen
  • upper choice beef fillet 200g・・・14,000 yen
  • OZAKI beef 80g・・・8,500 yen
  • OZAKI beef 100g・・・10,000 yen
  • OZAKI beef 150g・・・13,500 yen
  • OZAKI beef 200g・・・15,500 yen
  • special choice beef fillet 80g・・・9,500 yen
  • special choice beef fillet 100g・・・10,800 yen
  • special choice beef fillet 150g・・・15,500 yen
  • special choice beef fillet 200g・・・17,500 yen
  • special choice beef sirloin " BUNGO 80g・・・9,800 yen
  • special choice beef sirloin " BUNGO 100g・・・11,500 yen
  • special choice beef sirloin " BUNGO 150g・・・15,500 yen
  • special choice beef sirloin " BUNGO 200g・・・19,000 yen
[aperitif, soup, salad, fishery products(pawns, scallop / sweet fish for summer time), beef steak, rice(or bread), miso-soup, dessert, coffee]
Bungo beef course on an iron plate

Bungo beef ... bred in the blessed nature of Oita. "Oita Bungo beef" has a fine marbling, mellow and melting flavor. The quality of beef, which affects the taste of beef, depends greatly on the pedigree. The breed of the father breed cattle is particularly important, but breeding bulls in Oita Prefecture have received high praise nationwide, including the Emperor Prize and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize.
Recently, at the 11th National Wagyu Competition in September 2017, we received the Prime Minister's Prize, the highest award in the breeding section. Please enjoy "Oita Bungo beef" which is top level in Japan for both "Bloodline" and "Quality".
Among them, Bungo beef, which is used in Wakura, is a special brand and premium beef.
Please enjoy the mellow and delicious flavor.

"BUNGO" Course
  • 100g・・・8,300 yen
  • 120g・・・9,900 yen
  • 150g・・・12,000 yen
[aperitif, soup, salad, Bungo beef teppanyaki steak, grilled vegetables, rice, miso-soup, dessert, coffee]


2-4-13 Kuma, Hita City, Oita Prefecture, 877-0044
TEL : 0973-24-2728 fax : 0973-24-2727
e-mail : info@wakura.com
Access by car
About 10 minutes by car from Hita interchange
About 1 hour from Fukuoka
About 1 hour 10 minutes from Beppu Oita
About 1 hour and 10 minutes from Kumamoto
40 minutes from Yufuin (* time required by car)
business hours
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / 12: 00-21: 00 (All iron plates, snacks, cafes)
Weekday / 12: 00-14: 30 (LO), 17: 00-21: 00 (LO)
Regular holiday
Teppanyaki ( counter seats) 18 seats,
Table seats 25,
Up to 45 seats can be prepared.